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A tool for ASP.NET to convert XAML, SVG and Photoshop files to images, pdf, animated gifs and html image maps.


  • Rendering of images in ASP.NET on the fly in an HttpHandler or during the build process of a web application.
  • Supported target image formats: gif (also animated), jpg, png, tif, bmp, xps, pdf, xaml, ps, eps 
  • Supported source image formats: xaml, svg, psd, HTML
  • XAML batch files describing conversion jobs and a self describing VisualStudio Item Template with intellisense.   
  • Image localization support for creating images with localized text for multiple cultures.   
  • Modification of the source xaml in the batch file, for example to generate multiple buttons with
    different text.
  • Creating animated gif's or filmstrips from xaml storyboards.  
  • Creation of HTML image maps from visual shapes of named xaml or svg elements
  • Printing of HTML pages to PDF's.

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